With the rapidly changing external environment and user needs there is a requirement to evolve the inflexible development methodologies. After the signing of the Agile manifesto in 2001, software development process has slowly evolved into these prescription. Several flexible iterative methodologies which are evolutionary in nature have been adopted for software development. These methodologies have changed the paradigm from a tangible output based mindset to a tangible value based mindset.

Several business functions need to evolve to support an agile mindset. One of the challenges which organizations and managers face in an agile environment is the waterfall residual mindset. Waterfall process does not have well defined process for continuous improvement during the course of a project and estimates are made using the law of averages. Agile on the other hand follows an improvement process during the course of the project. Depending on how and when issues are resolved, organizations  can achieve incredible increase in output during the course of the project. Agile also provides a high degree of flexibility which helps the development process to quickly align with the dynamic organizational landscape.

To be able to successfully develop and deliver projects in an agile environment there are several aspects that are important. By means of training with real life cases Agilan seeks to increase the organizational readiness for Agile. For the first time in Montreal, different job functions will have a customized training to suit their needs and perform better in Agile environment.

Agile Mindset for Management

A one day training designed for managers with little or no background in Agile. This training will introduce to you the basics of Agile Management. We will present to you crucial aspects to engage in discussions with customers and your team. The course will also present to you the ceremonies practised in Scrum process and management techniques to be effective.

Next session: Montreal – October 17 @ 9:00 am – 4:30 pm.

Being a Scrummaster

A two day training on the scrum process and more specifically playing the role of a ScrumMaster. This training is suited for developers, QA and Business Analysts who have little or no exposure to scrum.

Doing it better for Scrum teams

This is a self-improvement course with a one day training and one day workshop for teams that have already worked in an agile environment and seek to improve their output. This will be a highly interactive class with a consultative approach to improvement for the attendees.

Agile Mindset for Sales, Marketing and Finance

A one day training for the other management functions that are not involved directly in software delivery but are accountable to customers. It is important for these management functions to understand the underpinnings of the agile process and set the right expectations to the customer base.

Managing Outsourcing with scrum

A three day training process to explain the aspects of outsourcing and how to effective receive deliveries from a remote team. This training will also training the attendees on Scrum methodologies.

These customized trainings are provided in a constructive methodology where discussions would be highly encouraged to foster learning and establish better understand of concepts presented in the training process. These trainings will include a hard and a soft aspects where the tools will be firstly presented followed by recommendations to maximize the utility of the tools.